Repurpose Old Wood

Is your garage or yard cluttered with piles of old wood?
Use that pile of clutter to decorate your house, or even better, to create storage solutions! There are so many different things to create out of reclaimed wood or wood left over from a project.
Here are a few that I found…
Need storage in your kitchen? Take a look at this tutorial from A Greenpoint Kitchen!
How about these shelves I found on Tutorial can be found here

Or these amazing shelves from  Tutorial here.
DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelving /
Or make a cute sign to hang on your wall like this one I made…20170205_2052011
I did not buy anything to make this sign. Everything I used was stuff we already had (except the vinyl. I used some from my friend’s stash). I apologize for the quality of the pictures and the orientation of some of them. Not sure why they are fuzzy…must be the camera. Surely NOT the photographer!   :0)
Here is everything I used to make this (I also used a polyurethane finish that isn’t pictured).
20170204_1038521Sand the boards to the smoothness you want. Sometimes a little roughness adds texture and character to the sign. Make sure you do this with a mask on, it gets really dusty. When it is sanded to your liking, wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. (or vacuum the boards if you’re like me and don’t have patience for a damp cloth)
 20170204_1122541I had leftover water heater restraining straps, so I used that to connect the boards. Use tin snips to cut the amount needed (my boards were 24″x 5.25″, you might need more straps for bigger boards).
20170204_1132131 We have tons of random screws left over from previous projects, so I just went through those and found some screws that would secure the straps and not go all the way through the wood.
20170204_1133221Use a screwdriver to attach the straps to the boards.
 20170205_2050481We had some twine that I tied on the straps for hanging. You could use anything that would be strong enough to hold the sign.
 20170204_1211461I used vinyl for a painting template (be careful, the paint has a tendency to seep under the vinyl) because I wanted the look of paint rather than vinyl. I painted these words white.
20170204_1216431I didn’t have vinyl for the big “P” in the center so I had my daughter draw one on paper and I traced it on the boards. Then painted it black. After the big “P” dried (I did several coats), I put the vinyl template for “Puckett” over that and painted it white. Be careful when removing the vinyl from a painted surface, it can take the paint off and you’ll have to touch up in spots. (If I make another one, I will just use the vinyl as a template to trace the letters instead of painting over the vinyl, there was too much touching up that needed to be done.)  After everything was dry, I brushed on some polyurethane finish to protect everything.
Use any of these ideas (or one of your own) and…
Voila! You have just created something beautiful out of your clutter!

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